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98 mustang gt 4.6

car starts when i hit the gas and will run as long i keep my foot on the peddlem but the secound i let off the engine dies. Any thoughts on where to start??

The Idle Air Control Motor. Or IAC (eye-ack). You could try removing/cleaning the IAC motor and throttle body to see if that fixes it. If it doesn’t, replace the IAC motor.


An older vehicle collects “stuff” in the engine intake. Replace a dirty air filter. The MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor cleaner, and Throttle Body Cleaner are available at auto parts stores. The Throttle Body Cleaner cleans the throttle bore, throttle plate, and iac valve in one fell swoop.

It is almost certainly the IAC. It is easy to replace yourself and the part will cost between 60 and 100 bucks.