96 Pontiac Grand Am Speedometer Problem


I have a 96 Grand Am that is in great shape. However, lately the speedometer has been acting goofy. Most of the time, it sticks at zero. Sometimes it dances around, other times it actually works. I have been told I would have to replace the whole panel, including the other gauges. Is there any way to fix the speedometer without doing this?

Thanks, MS in TX


A quick look at a wiring diagram would probably show you that the speedometer & cruise control get their speed info from the same vehicle speed sensor.

Does the cruise control work?

In my case with my 95 Taurus, a bushing in the speedometer head was shot & replaced for 120 bucks at a speedometer repair shop.

Ford had a lot of speedometer problems in the mid 90’s & it was much cheaper for the local Ford dealer to pay this shop to repair than to replace with new speedometers.


Thanks for the info. My cruise control does still work. I just can’t tell what I am setting it on!