Ford Escort Speedometer

I have friends, without a computer (for a couple of weeks) so I am filling in. They purchased a 1996 Ford Escort for their daughter from lady that lived next door. It has a mere 30K on it. When the car reaches 45-50, the speedometer bounces from 80 to 30 and all over in between. The dealership has tried two “junk yard” salvage speedometers. SAME THING. So a logical person (not the dealership, apparently) would assume it’s something else in the system. Their daughter has a disability and HAS to have a working speedometer!

The vehicle speed sensor, which is attached to the transmission, feeds a signal to operate the speedometer. If three speedometers act the same, I’d suggest looking at the VSS. Tell your friends to consult their local phone directory. If there is a speedometer repair shop in your area that’s probably the place to go. They will be able to figure out what’s wrong.

I agree & I would guess that the same VSS also feeds speed info to the cruise control brain.

Does the cruise control work??

they really do live in the middle of nowhere Wyoming…not too many choices…this model doesn’t have cruise control but my friend is so delighted to have something to intelligently discuss with the mechanics at the dealership!

Update…teh dealership claims they have installed a new Vehicle Speed Sensor and a new cable… still not working … after 3 mos… any ideas?

Well, some mid 90’s Fords-including my wifes 95 Taurus- had a problem with bad “jewels” in the speedometer head.

The “pin” that the speedometer needle is attached to rides in the jewel/bushing & the jewel wears out prematurely. On her Taurus this caused a very annoying whirring noise & the needle to jump around.

Took my wifes Taurus to a speedometer repair shop in Anaheim,Ca. & the guy charged $125.00 to press in a new “jewel”

Looks like the dealer has gotten a couple of bone yard speedos with this common problem.

If you want I can round up the phone number of the speedo shop I used & post it.

Or you can do a google search for speedo repair shops.

thank you…that really helps and it makes sense! I’ll call them right away! Mary

OOPS, I did’nt realize that my wife had round filed the repair records for the Taurus which we sold in 2002.

I can get the number later.

BTW, i’m surprised the Ford dealer has’nt offered to send one of these speedos out for repair? Go figure.

These folks can give you more info on this:

Precision speedometer service 714 535 6471

Good luck with it.

Thank you…so much! mw