Corolla Problem


I have a 1993 Corolla with a speedometer problem. As I am driving the speedometer at times will stay at zero and as I speed up the needle only gets to 25MPH(more than likely going 50MPH). The odometer is clocking mileage correctly. I had suspected that the sensor was bad but if the odometer is working I am now thinking it is the speedometer cluster. Any opinions?


This seems to be a problem with older Corollas. A friend had a Corolla speedometer stop working all together. It turned out to be the speedometer head. The Vehicle Speed Sensor sends a signel to the speedometer head which is processed into a drive signel for a small electrical motor that drives the speedometer dial, odometer, and trip odometer as a regular head would by the cable. The head from the Toyota dealer was rather pricy so my friend got a replacement from the recycling yard. He did comment that most of the Corollas in the yard already had their speedometer heads removed. Also I have seen the same topic posted on this web site with the same symptoms as you have.

One problem with replacing the head is that odometer reading will be off so you will have to reveal that when you sell the car. If you have the replacement done at a speedometer shop, they might be able to reset the odometer reading to what your old odometer read.

Hope that helps.