Plymouth voyger


I recently bought a 96 voyger on 85,000 miles.several times it has lost all power, in traffic.the first few times,was about 10mph,but on sunday it happen on the restarts ok, except for once, when it took a few turns of the key. the problem seemed to happen after we jump started someone’s car.maybe coincidence!! I took it to the chrysler dealer,and the drove for an hour with a computer plugged into it,but it did not cut out for them. So no diagnosis. It drives great and has been well looked after by previous owner. Has anybody had a similar problem

Thanks Gerry,


Yes, I have just replaced an ignition switch on my 1998 Chevy Cavalier at about 195,000 miles. It had started to cut off the power to the engine twice before I fixed it. Once in traffic and once it wouldn’t start in the parking garage at first. It also caused 8 or 9 error codes to be saved by the computer, such as the ABS braking system- but it was only the ignition switch turning things off. Your description sounds allot like this being likely. When the key was turned to accessory position, lights and buzzers were so loud that I could not hear the radio! I am not a mechanic, but hope this helps.