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Tail lights and brake lights not working 2002 grand cherokee

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. None of my tail lights or break lights are working. Turn signals, back up lights and license light work fine. Fuses all seem good. Any ideas what could be happening?

It could be a broken wire inside the flex tube for the hatch, The interweb also says there is a ground bolt with some wires connected to it behind the rear bumper, clean and check!

my 2001 had the same problem. the mounting for the light bulbs in the housing is weak and brakes. The light bulb contacts no longer connect with power. I shimmed the problem light bulbs with aluminum foil etc. I wonder if there is a tsb on this.

I had a couple of burned out bubs and bent the contact tabs out so that they would make better contact. All works well now

Always go for the easiest thing first, bulbs.