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96 honda accord with quirks

I purchased my 96 accord in '03 with 99,993 miles on it (under 100k! lol) its been a WONDERFUL car, hasnt givin me much worry or fret. we did have the timing belt replaced in 04 and the waterpump for safe measure because everyone told me to, and had tires and brakes done. im still paying that off! j/k. anywho, last Aug. the ABS light came on while i was driving it from Sacramento Ca to Tuscon, Az. i stoped at a truckstop and the grumpy guy told me it was a dirty sensor and everything was fine. then a few months later it started this “mrrrrrrrrk” electronic-pump sound from the front. it was coming on about every 30 seconds and lasted about 3 seconds. it would do this noise then stop and the light would come on. someone told me the noise sounds like the AC pump not turning off and everything was fine. then the check engine light came on. its been about 5k miles since the light came on, the noise is still going and the abs light is on. any idea?

Also, about a month ago i got backed into, dented the front ‘fender’ panel, very minor. we desided not to inform insurance, but now the guy who i was gunna have fix it wants $1200! for fancy paint and removing doors and bumpers and hood, is this really nessisary? Am i getting ripped off couse im a GIRL? (a college girl at that)

should i just drive it into a gaurd rail? i dont wanna do that, i do love the car, the gas milage, the ride, the memories… lol

Oh! its an automatic!

On a 1999, I wouldn’t worry too much about a dent in the fender. You could get the fender repaired for much less; or, replaced from a salvage yard, with the same color, for even less. To get a salvage yard to look for the same color fender, you could kick in an additional $50 as an inducement.
ABS can be very expensive to repair. Make sure (by an evaluation by a good mechanic) that the regular brakes work properly.
If your State doesn’t require emissions test, you can forego repairing the ABS. If it does require emissions test, they won’t accept a vehicle with a lit check engine light (for any reason).

ABS has NOTHING to do with Emissions…Try BRAKES.

thanks guys. Im in cali, so lots of emissions. it got almost all 0’s last time, the guy was impressed and said it would only do better if it were off. :slight_smile: I found a guy to do an engine light test for free for me.

Thanks on the fender ting to. the gal that hit me said she could kick in up to 250 to help but 1200, i refuse to pay even if i had the money!

Thanks so much, and BTW the car has 140k on it now

I didn’t say that ABS has anything to do with emissions. I said the State emissions station won’t do the emissions test if the ABS light is on.

Your check engine light should be free to have repaired at your local Honda Dealer. Up to 150k on your car, everything is covered except for transmission codes. You may even have a free tune up, as all cars were also given a free tune up as part of the settlement. You can probably fix your ABS problem by adding brake fluid to the ABS pump. It is located on the driver side under the hood near the radiator. The pump leaking is the most common failure point of these cars, you may be able to drive for a few months before the light comes back on.

As far as fender repair check for Paintless Dent Repair in your area, I have had really good luck with them!