93 Honda Accord

I drive a 1993 Honda accord that has about 230,000 miles on it. My dad used to use it to commute to work everyday and its been on a few road trips so most of those are freeway miles. We have been very good about staying on schedule with oil changes and so the engine is in very good shape. However, the rest of the car is starting to fall apart! Both the power-steering and anti-lock brake systems have leaks in them. I have been driving the car without any power steering at all and refilling the ABS every couple weeks since i got my license and began driving it this past summer. We were also having issues with the transmission (it would occasionally refuse to go into gear when placed in “Drive”), however those issues have gone away since we had the tranny fluid replaced. My mom is very concerned about the safety of the vehicle and doesn’t like me driving long distances or on the free-way. My main questions are is it overly dangerous to drive this vehicle? I’m a college student so I don’t exactly have a lot of money to be putting into it (and neither do my parents), yet I have places i need to be so I’m really not in a great position here. Thanks

I have a high mileage car, also. I’m really not comfortable about driving it out of town. If I took it on a trip of several hundred miles, and it broke too badly for me to repair on the spot, it would cost too much to pay to have it repaired or towed home. Thus, it would be a “throw away car”. It would, then, be a ride with Mr. Greyhound to one place, or another.

I would start by getting an estimate for the PS leak and the brakes. If the problem is just the anti-lock system and nothing else (sounds like it is something else if you are loosing fluid) then you can consider letting the abs go. Don’t let the primary brakes go however and it sounds like they have a problem. Both the brakes and the PS should be considered safety issues.

I wouldn’t consider driving my accord out of town either. The longest drive I’d take in it is from home to school or vice-versa which is only an hour trip even though I’ve never had any real issues with it aside from the transmission hick-ups which, as i mentioned before, ceased after we had the fluid replaced. My main concern is just the safety of driving it.

I’m sure the main brake system is fine. I’d definitely think twice about driving it if i thought otherwise. The ABS fluid reservoir sucks up fluid like hell, but the reservoir for the main brake system stays full.

Any fluid changes affect the entire braking system. Get that fixed, good brakes, mufflers and tires save your life and no where to skimp on.