Honda Accord 94 - ABS light

Honda Accord with 106,000 miles, the ABS light came on recently. So far I have checked the brake fluid levels in all reservoirs and they are fine. Any ideas as to what this light commonly indicates would be appreciated.


There is a problem in the antilock braking system. The ABS will not function until the problem is repaired. Your regular brakes will function normally.

Yes – thanks I know that. I just checked the fuses in the ABS Fuse Box – the look ok. The only other thing in there is the relay switch for the ABS. Wonder if that is shot?

In circumstances that required the rear tires to turn a drum for emission testing I have seen cars come in with ABS lights on. The system saw the rear wheels turning but not the fronts.Just cleared the codes.

The most common reason for the ABS light to come on is because there’s a problem with one of the wheel speed sensors and/or the speed sensor tone rings. If debris has built up in the tone rings from something such as brake dust, this can effect the signal to the wheel speed sensor. The cheapest thing to try is purchase an aerosol can of sensor safe brake cleaner and clean both the wheel speed sensors and their tone rings. Then inspect the tone rings for damage to their teeth. If that looks fine, then try unplugging and plugging back in the wheel speed sensors to make sure there’s a good connection. If doing all this still doesn’t turn off the ABS light, then an ABS scan tool needs to used to determine why the ABS light is coming on.


there is no scan tool for a 94 accord i have the same abs light i tryed the paper clip trick to run the flashing light but i can’t get it to flash for me does anybody have any suggestion on how to check the code on the abs