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Brownies or Cookies for the ABS pump

Im getting my car looked at and its very likely to be the abs pump on my 96 honda accord. and it prolly needs brakes/drums/etc and whatever else is needed on a vehicle with 140k. So brownies or cookies? this guy hasnt seen the car before to, but has a good rep

He’ll be very happy with pictures of Ben Franklin printed in green ink. Treat him with respect, be clear about your symptoms, and pay the bill.

Speaking if being clear about your symptoms, what ARE your symptoms?

te check engine light is on, the abs light has been on for about a year now and for the last 6 months the pumps been whining for about 45 seconds or so before the abs light comes on. also, when the car makes pump whiney noises the rpms go down. i googled and googled for a month and think this is my problem. but maybe im wrong

Yeah, sounds like you may need a modulator pump. Bring your wallet.


Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Doughnuts For The Morning Hours.

Somewhere in my past I’ve spent 5 years or so working at car dealers. We had a regular service customer who regularly made morning appointments and regularly greeted the service advisor with a large box of fresh donuts for the service staff.

Technicians would fight over providing excellent service, even throwing in extra niceties and prompt service, whatever it took to keep this customer happy and coming back. They were like kids on Christmas morning when they saw the customer’s name in the daily appointment log.

I would try an initial visit without any treats to see if this is the place to become a regular. Then reward good service on the next visit.


P.S. Even if people don’t believe me, this customer saved a lot of time and money with the purchase of a box of dounts.

Rule #1 for the customer: Don’t tell the mechanic your diagnosis. Tell s/him the problems, ALL the problems. You are hiring the mechanic to make the diagnosis. Unscrupulous mechanics will do the repairs you instruct, even if your diagnosis is wrong. You may even tempt an, usually, honest mechanic to make some extra coins, by following your diagnosis.