96 Honda Accord Power Windows


After a long summer of bus riding, I finally found a car to buy. About to close the deal for a 96 Accord, 118,000 miles, for $2200 which seems like a good deal to me. Problem, seller describes power windows as problematic, which sounds like a pain. I would have to fix them. Where do you go for this kind of problem? Dealership, mechanic, or collision shop? Any tips?


The Honda dealer would be the most expensive place to go, and a collision shop sounds like overkill to me. Any mechanic should be able to diagnose and repair the windows.

What is the problem with them? Sometimes just cleaning and/or lubricating the window tracks will alleviate the problem.


I will try the cleaning/lubricating route first. According to my research, and actually from listening to Car Talk, I have discovered that this seems to be a weak component of the 96 honda, very common that the motors need to be replaced. I prefer manual windows myself, this sounds potentially expensive.

Thanks for your feedback.