Driver's side power window regulator burn-out in a 2 year period



I have a 2004 Honda Accord EX with 120,000 miles on it. In a 2 year period, the Honda dealership has replaced 3 power window regulators on the driver’s side. The power window will work for about 4 months, then becomes erratic—working, then not working, until it stops completely and won’t move at all. It’s ready for its fourth replacement; last worked at Christmas, 2009; since then it hasn’t. The dealership has not charged for replacement, but it costs $400.00 every time a new one is installed, and it’s aggravating and annoying having no use of that window and bringing the car in for repair every few months. They claim there is nothing obstructing the movement of the window and couldn’t find any electronic problem. However, I’m not sure that’s the case. Is it something in the electronic system at the point when you push the power button that commands the window to move down or up? Several times when the driver window did not respond, I lowered and raised the front passenger window, then was able to work the driver side window. I tried that lately but that tactic no longer works. The window regulator is dead. That’s the problem. Any similar experiences with an Accord? Any ideas? Thanks.


The problem is in the door itself. Something is causing the regulators (motors) to burn up. I think it’s a broken/bent attaching framework. It might be a simpler and less expensive option to just replace the door. Since the dealership is involved, I just don’t think they are really wanting to find the “real” problem. It’s unfortunate but true.


I may add that it seems all the manufacture have chosen to make the power window motor/regulator the part of choice to design poorly and use low quality parts on for at least the last 20 years. I have made thousands of dollars over the last 20 years replacing these parts in many different makes of vehicles.


I have a '96 Accord and have had the same exact problem, although not repeatedly. I had my driver’s side fixed, but my passenger side hasn’t worked forever, because it is so expensive to fix. Almost every single person I know who has owned a '94 - '97 Accord has had to replace the regulator and/or actuator on at least one window. I might be a cynic, but I definitely agree that the manufacturing is not designed for the long term, and that the dealership has no problem with you paying $400 every few months for the same problem. I hope they are able to get to the root of the problem next time you get it fixed. Good luck!


In response to"'96 Accord," I have only paid for the first window regulator, installed April, 2008. The dealer has not charged me for installing the last two units. Thanks for your response.


It may be a Honda issue in general. I had to replace my driver’s side in my 96 Accord a few summers back & it’s beginning to act up again. My mom has an 01 CRV and has the same issue. Both of ours act up more frequently in cold and rainy weather.


I’ve had the same problem with my civic- these doors are poorly designed! After replacing the regulator mine bound up again and jumped off the track. The solution for the last 8 months without incident was to get some silicone spray and lubricate the tracks of the window on either side. $2- much cheaper than a door!