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2006 Honda Accord Automatic Window Problem

I have a 2006 Honda Accord EX. I am having issues with the driver’s window opening. Something is wrong with the electric. Sometimes it opens. Sometimes it doesn’t. And I usually have to play around with the buttons for a while to get it to go up or down. Can someone suggest what is most likely the culprit. Want to be able to maybe order the part and see about replacing it myself, unless it is something that is really tricky to fix.

when my window was messing up in my honda, i did the same thing playing around with the buttons and such. eventually the window was stuck all the way down. the only way my window was fixed, was by taking off the door and actually seeing the motor. the cable in my window motor was all jumbled and it had to be completely replaced. you can’t by the motors used, (nor can you buy just one little part) and I was told they only sell the cable and the motor together. but they only cost about $95 new. if you can do it yourself I would. there is several little tricks to try to unstick your window on, but they are probably on this site too. sorry that took so long! maybe you will be luckier than I was.