96 chevy tahoe stalling

I am having one hell of a time with this one. Some background.
I was messing around and I collected everything I needed to put a 15"sub in my tahoe. I ran an 8 gauge power cable to an 1100w amp to a 2000w sub. It worked just fine for about a week and then my truck started to stall. I’ve disconnected the amp and taped up all the wires and it still stalled. I cleaned my MAF and replace the air filter. And I just purchased a brand new battery today and it still stalled at a stop. I’m frustrated and confused and now I’m starting to wonder if it isnt even related to my system being hooked up

I now need to troubleshoot more and I dont know what direction to take. Could it be a fuel filter or a vacuum leak? I’m a female and my dad taught my enough to get by but I’m working on this all by myself. Anything helps

A stalling problem can be a tough one to figure out.

But if you’re saying that the engine just shuts off, then the two things to suspect are.

the crankshaft position sensor,

or the ignition control module.


It’s only stalled when shifting into reverse or occasionally at a stop. And its definitely idling funky.

Then the idle air control valve may be dirty or defective.