2002 Chev Tahoe

Our vehicle stalled during a four hr road trip. We were three hours into the trip. It worked fine during our stay. However, once again we were almost home and it stalled again. It works okay for errands to town, getting the kids to and from school. I did have it checked today at the dealership. The diagnostic testing did not reveal any apparent problems.

We were going 70 mph on I-12 when it just died. I was able to restart after several attempts. It also lost power going 35 mph on the way home.

Any suggestions?

How long has it been since the last time you: Changed the fuel filter, air filter plugs and wires? Has the CEL (check engine light) come on? Have you had the car’s computer checked for error codes even if you did not have a CEL

The fuel pump relay may be the culprit here.

5.3L engine? Mileage?

When the engine dies, does it quit suddenly as though the key was turned off or does it stutter and stumble to a stop?

It could be almost anything from an oxygen sensor, throttle position sensor, ignition switch or even dirty or loose battery terminals.