Stumbling at stop



My 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe runs great except some times at red lights the engine almost stumbles and quits. I notice this happens more when the A/C or heat is on. I have replaced the gas filter, cleaned the Mass Air Flow censor, taken out my K&N filter and replace it with the paper filter but it still happens now and then. Now that summer is coming I would like to get this taken care of but do not know where to go next.

Car Info: 5.3 L V-8, 67000 miles, Tahoe LS 2WD. Most of the mileage is highway and it sits for months at a time, it is the trip car and not many trips this fall/winter. Thanks for the info.



Go to My Car Talk on this site and post this info. under your make and model. We did and found that other Camry owners (2001-02) are having the same problem…stalling/shutting off. Dealers can’t find the problem. No codes. One contributor has suggested the source of the problem may be a “fuel dampener”. Goof luck!


Thanks for the info. I will post it on the Chevrolet site and see what happens.