96 Blazer Directional signals INOP

I have a 96 blazer, the directional signals are inop. There is no recall or service bulletin, Any suggestions, SImilar problem and solution?

The usual culprit in this situation is the flasher unit. Very cheap fix, if the vehicle uses the old-fashioned type. Do the emergency hazard lights work?

Separate flasher for the 4-ways?

yes two diff flashers

4 ways work
Where is the directional flasher/relay.
I can hear the 4 way but can’t find it.thanks

Clink on this link for the turn signal flasher location: http://www.autozone.com/N,4294897053+4294897470/shopping/locsSelect.htm

You’re not really giving enough information for anyone to even make a guess. Is the turn signal indicator inside coming on and just not flashing, and is it flashing for one side but not the other? If this is the case then this is a way that find out that you have an outer turnsignal bulb out. My 99 Blazer has done this a couple of times. If neither side flashes but the light comes on then it can only be the flasher relay. If you have no lights at all when the switch is activated then it is the switch that is underneath the steering wheel.

The 4 ways work all lights lite.
The turn signals do not, move the indictor up or down-NO light, NO Sound…