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'95 sunfire fuel pump

if the fuel pump is not making noise and is not putting out fuel at the fuel filter how can i tell if it is the fuel pump or the relay?

Locate the fuel pump relay and remove it. Insert a jumper wire into the relay socket for the secondary voltage to the fuel pump. Turn the ignition switch to the run position so that the dash lights come on. If the fuel pump doesn’t run, the problem is most likely with the fuel pump.


thanks i’ll try that and repost

I forgot! There’s a quicker way to check the fuel pump!

Next to the brake master cylinder you’ll find an electrical connector with nothing plugged into it. This is the assembly line fuel pump prime wire. Just apply battery voltage to this wire and if the fuel pump doesn’t function replace the fuel pump.


i tried the relay and it did nothing beat on the fuel tank and it started to work so i think it is the pump

It sure is!