95 s-10 blazer wont start and no codes be read

i got 95 s-10 blazer that wont start it turns over and gets power to everything but it wont fire and can not get any codes on the scanner. any ideals?

coil??? WAG

why not? with that question,OBD 1 IS EASy STUFF.12 pin one paper clip and you have codes.

dont get carjacked.

If your sure the compression and timing is good, then either your not getting spark or fuel. Does this truck have TBI? You can look down on the injectors, and see if they are squirting fuel. Also, you can use an old spark plug, and see if your getting spark on the number one spark plug wire.

I have the same issue. I have the 4.3 in it and this is a known issue, but the cause is unknown so there is no fix. There is a workaround for it. You need to disconnect both battery cables for 1 minute. The after reconnecting turn your key in the ignition 4 times and then on the 5th time start it. Do not try to start on the first 4 times, just on and off. This works for me every time. For some unknown reason the computer shuts the 5 volts off to the injector pod and this resets it. If it does not work step 2 is to disconnect both cables again for 1 minute and after reconnecting try starting on the first attempt. I have never had to try step 2, it has always worked on the first attempt.