Hard starting Blazer

I have a 1995 s-10 Blazer that’s getting harder to start, when it does start you can smell gas.I’ve changed the plugs, wires, rotor, cap, fuel pump and filter.

If you restart it with in 30 minutes or so it will start right up. It’s like its loosing pressure but i don’t see any leaks.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Is there any way you can check if your TBI (the fuel injector) is leaking ?

All though it is possible this is a TBI car (it is listed that TBI is possible in 1995) I have never seen one. What is much more likey is this is a CPI (Central Port Injection) S-Blazer and the problem is related to the CPI “spyder”. That being said it is also possible the car is multi-port and a different approach will have to be taken.

If you know your injection type ,tell us, if not ,what is the 8th digit of the VIN.

I took the top intake off and there is a strong gas oder in there but didn’t see any puddles.
The 8th digit is a “W” and the owners manual said it is a C.P.I.
thank you

It’s possible that the fuel injector is leaking the fuel pressure into the intake manifold (not externally). You can check for this with a fuel pressure gauge.
Attach a fuel pressure test gauge, start and stop the engine. Observe the fuel pressure. It should stay up for several minuets, even hours. If the fuel pressure decreases too quickly, the fuel injector is leaking. A cleaning, with a solvent, might help that.

I had fuel pressure loss twice since I had my 95 blazer. First time it was the fuel pump and pulsator, the second time it was the regulator that is located right next to or with the injector. You need to determine regulator of fuel pump, if pressure is your problem.