Baffled by a Blazer Part2

So we took the advice of some of the folks here and replaced the fuel pump on our '89 chevy S10 blazer. The only hitch- the intermittent non starting issue still exists. Once the car is warmed up, it won’t start. It’ll crank fine, but won’t fire. After it sits for about 6 hours or so, it fires right up and runs fine. So- what else might be causing this? I gotta admit- I’m baffled. HELP- again.

Has anybody mentioned the ignition coil? Could be opening up when hot.

Is this the GM engine that has a coil pack, ignition module and crank sensor all in one unit? The ignition module on these engines do all kinds of strange things when they start to fail.

I re-read “Baffled by a Blazer, Part 1”. Several people said to make observations of the fuel pump response; but, no one advised you to change the fuel pump. The symptoms you presented didn’t show cause for that action.
You said it didn’t have spark. It still doesn’t have spark, does it? Checking the ignition coils (hot) seems like a good idea.

i had a 91 that didn’t have spark. pickup coil in distributor went bad. check module and coil first easier than the pick up coil.make sure you’re getting power to the coil

My '94 S10 Blazer did the same thing. I rounded up the usual suspects, changing the fuel pump (had to pull the #!*## gas tank) and fuel filter. I also changed the temp sensor and oil pressure sensor which I read could sometimes cause this problem. Nothing helped. Sometimes while warming up It would stall and not start again for at least 15 min. I put the old SUV on probation, and found myself driving by used car lots that weren’t on my way home.

Turned out the problem was the Ignition Control Module (ICM), which is inside the distributer. The ICM controls timing for spark and the fuel injector pulse.