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'96 S10 Blazer No Start --- Intermittant (I HATE those...)

Every once in a while…well maybe more often, now, the engine won’t start. Lights all come on on the dash, turn the key and nothing. Wiggle the shifter, try neutral,. Nothing.

Walk around the back, open and close the tail gate and VROOOOOM!

Is there an interlock or tilt switch back there somewhere? I can’t find it. Took it all apart and wiggled what wires I couold find (electric window latch, windshield wiper, window switch for the light and some kind of white plastic switch on the latch that I can’t figure out what it does - unplugged it and the truck still started)

Any ideas???


There is a fuel pump, and the wiring to it, back there. Here’s the wiring diagram. Click on Fig.10.
The next time it cranks, but, doesn’t start, use a rubber hammer, or a board, to tap on the fuel tank.