1998 Grand Cherokee Jeep

I recently purchased a 98 Grand Cherokee Jeep in excellent condition. Occassionally the engine has difficulty shifting into 2nd gear. The trans fluid level is good. Is the trans wearing out or could it (wishfully thinking)be my serpentine belt or timing belt?

I don’t see any connection a timing belt and/or serpentine belt would have on a transmission shifting. Very little info here, mileage, engine type, etc. Is the car due for a timing belt?

For a shift problem you need to look at the transimission and the computer controls for the transmission. Simpliest answer is that the computer controller is getting used to your driving habits. Do you have any service records on the car? If no, have a good transmission shop take a look at it.

You didn’t say how many miles on this vehicle. Do you know if the transmission has ever been serviced? Changing the transmission fluid is required on a periodic basis, according the the schedule in the owner’s manual.

The shifting problem is not a serpentine belt issue, and none of the engines available on this vehicle has a timing belt. I suggest you have the transmission fluid changed and see if that helps.

Automatic or manual transmission??

I don’t see any connection a timing belt and/or serpentine belt would have on a transmission shifting

I concur…How is the Timing Belt or serpentine belt related to the transmission??? That’s a new one on me.

correction: mileage is 105886, v6, automatic. bought vehicle last spring 2008 from original owner (elderly woman). I have all service orders on vehicle. Transmission last serviced in 2002 (replaced trans pan gasket, fluid, and filter).

Automatic. See correction reply above.

Do you mean it doesn’t shift into 2nd, or that it slips at times when shifting into 2nd? It could be simply that the bands need adjustment (yes, the transmission in this vehicle does have bands that periodically need adjustment). Or, it could mean that a pressure valve is sticking. Is the failure more prevalent with the transmission cold, or when it is warmed up? The transmission is fully hydraulic except for the control to engage 4th (overdrive) and the lock-up torque converter.

If the transmission was not properly maintained by the original owner, you could be looking at a rebuild or new transmission. I’d get a REPUTABLE transmission specialist, who is familiar with this transmission, to look at it.

BTW, this vehicle has a 4.0L I6 (inline 6) not a V6 engine and uses a timing chain, not belt.

It will shift into 2nd nicely if I let up on the accelerator. If I’m unable to do that, the engine rev’s to 4 rpm before shifting. This senario only takes place during cold weather. It disappears in warm weather.