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95 Grand Am.. Windows stuck what do I do?

My parents helped my son purchase his first car for $650. It runs fine but needs work. I’m a retired software guy and know little about fixing old cars and nothing about the new ones. My son’s 1995 Pontiac Am windows are stuck closed. My understanding is that behind each of the doors is a regulator for the window. I was wondering how likely it was for all 4 regulators to go bad, or if the problem was possibly in the center console controls. Either way is there an easy way to diagnose the problem, before I start randomly replacing window motors

Are we to assume that these are power windows? “Power windows are not working” to me isn’t the same thing as windows “stuck closed” - so perhaps you can clarify.

Do everyone a favor. At an auto parts store, blow $20 on a repair manual for that car (most likely Haynes or Chiltons). Those manuals are not fantastic. But for very basic maintenance and repairs, including for the body & interior they are worthwhile. You will all more than make the $20 back in savings.

You would also do well to find an owner’s manual for it if it doesn’t have one.

Anyway…lets assume that the power windows are just not working. The first thing to do is check fuses & relays. One box will be inside of the car. Another will be under the hood. I don’t know this car’s set up so I can’t get more specific than that.

First things first. Check the fuses and relays. It is possible for all 4 motors to go bad at the same time but it’s unlikely even for a car that is this old due to the fact that they don’t all get used the same amount, the driver’s window being the one that gets used the most. I would also check for a loose electrical connection.

Gotta be a fuse. All four would not break at the same time unless the car was underwater. Was the car underwater?