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Power Window Switch or What?

A vexing problem I have a Pontiac GrandAm 1994 Model - runs beautifully. During the winter the front windows began to operate sluggishly (power windows) the matter has gotten progressively worse. Where the driver side does not come at all - passanger just a little - Power lockout doesn’t work at all. Back windows work fine. I figure bad switch. I replace it with an eBay bargain ($5.00) looks perfect. Install the switch - very same problem. I think maybe window motors - then remember the Lockout likewise fails. I’m thinking fuses but aren’t fuses all or none? Any bright ideas before I turn this over to divinity students?

Do you have a voltmeter? That will allow you to see if you are getting power to the various switches. Pry the switches out of the arm rest and see if there is power at each switch. If so, you will need to check power at the motors. It could also be the regulator or corroded terminals.