95 Ford Ranger window sticks

Hi. My husband’s 1995 Ford Ranger has sticking window, dirver’s side. It’s a power window. It goes down but sticks halfway up, and he has to wiggle it up manually, sometimes it won’t get all the way up. He wants to fix this himself. What might be wrong and how would he go about fixing it? Thank you so much.

He may have to go into the door to adjust the glass. First, he could use some silicone spray lubricant on the rubber the glass slides in.

usually the window regulator gets old, the side guides get crudded up, or the interior mechanism (called a regulator) gets worn out, broken, or just loose.

it is not a terribly difficult job to replace a regulator. BUT… (there’s always a catch huh?) getting the interior door trim panel off without breaking, bending or otherwise ruining it can be a daunting task. if he can get the door panel off, the regulator can be “snaked” out of the inside and replaced for around $200.

don’t get just the regulator. get the regulator WITH a new motor. they are available both ways. but for the extra $40 or so it’s not worth it. since it’s the drivers side door which gets used a whole lot, do the whole repair job.

be careful when unbolting/unclipping the glass you don’t drop it. that will be more $$!