'93 F-150 power window

The driver’s side power winder in my truck has slowly stopped working properly. The motor itself seems ok and it rolls up just fine but when it rolls down it seems to get stuck about a third of the way open. If you use your hand to gently push down on the window it then goes down the rest of the way. Is there anything that needs to be cleaned, adjusted or lubed or is this just normal wear and a sign that that the window mechanism is about to inevitably fail and require replacement? My mechanic is going to open the door up anyway (to replace a broken interior door handle) and according to him, all he can do is replace the window parts and hope it works.

Right now I can live with the window as is but if the door is going to be taken apart anyway, should I just go ahead and replace the mechanism?

Buy a manual widow regulator on ebay for $20.00, convert to manual and you will never have anymore problems, it will be cheaper too.

I have one manual and one electric window right now. Just waiting for the passenger side to crap out, and then that one will be manual as well:)

The mechanic will know when he gets the door panel off. It could be in need of a new regulator assembly, the motor could be dying (which may or may not be replacable as a seperate piece…some are, some are not…you may have to buy the whole regulator assembly), or it may just need to be cleaned lubed and aligned.

On this one it has to be seen.

Try some silicon spray lube on the gaskets at each side of the window. It may take care of it. If not you already have some good advice.