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04 intrepid

my 04 intrepid wont start, sounds like it is going to, but wont! replaced fuel pump, injectors now it looks as if it might be the timming chain. any suggestions?

Yes. Stop Guessing And Properly Diagnose The Problem.

Is this a 2.7L or 3.2L engine?

What makes you say, " . . . now it looks as if it might be the timming chain."?


Correction: I Should Have Asked If It Was A 2.7L Or 3.5L Engine. Sorry!

Check spark, put an ignition timer on it and make sure the light does flash while cranking. You can also pull a plug out and see if it smells like gas while cranking to confirm you;re getting gas. If that fails, you will need to look in the head for obivous problems and check the timing of the valves against the Crankshaft pulley (which will indicate a timing problem)