94 Mazda MX3 No Spark!

My 16 yr. old son just got his first car from my neighbor.Woo hoo…but…It turns over great and that’s it. We pulled a plug out and observe no spark. The neighbor is clueless and I see someone has replaced the distributor.

Check the fuses for any bad ones, especially for the ignition area. If the fuses are ok then check to make sure voltage is getting to the ignition area, the plus side of the coil, while the key is ON. If those things are ok then check the minus side of the coil using a test light probe clipped to ground and that point and see if you get any light pulses while cranking the engine. If not, then you need to check that part of the circuit.

Purchase a service manual for the car and follow the diagnostic procedure for the ignition system. This is a great learning opportunity for your son, and for you.

Thank you for giving us somewhere to start!