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No Spark

I have a 1990 Isuzu Amigo. I cannot get any spark from the distributer. I put in a new coil but still no spark.

Have you checked to see if you have voltage to the distributor? The cause could be one of several things including your ignition control module, ignition switch, wiring, or distributor rotor. I think you need to buy a Haynes Repair Manual for your little Amigo so that you can properly troubleshoot the problem. Throwing parts at a problem is just a waste of money. If you plan on keeping the little Amigo you will need the repair manual again in the near future anyway.

The first thing to check- Is the distributor turning when the engine cranked. I spent some time looking for a no spark cond on an 81 Horizon that silently stalled at 20 mph only to find it had broken a timing belt with no noise.

Might be the timing belt is gone. Actually it’s likely if the belt hasn’t been replaced yet in this old a car. If so the car will turn over without ever making any effort to start.
If you haven’t replaced the timing belt, assume it has snapped and replace it along with a new water pump.
But you also have a decision to make. If the car died because the timing belt failed while you were in motion, driving the car, then you might have destroyed the heads (valves) which means a much more expensive repair. If so, and if you mean to keep the car, replace the timing belt and the water pump and see what happens. If the car runs poorly after the repair, you can remove the heads and have them reconditioned. One hopeful note, I did lose a timing belt while driving a Mitubishi Eagle (or Chrysler for the purists, it was that transition year). I replaced the timing belt and water pump and the car ran fine, zero valve damage.
This is all so much cheaper if you can do the part changing yourself, obviously. If there is valve damage, and you cannot do the work yourself, maybe you should just think about a new car. I recommend anything Toyota. Buick, if you want an american car.
Good luck to you.

Check pickup in distributor and isuzu in my opinion is a bad idea