94 Blazer 4.3 no spark

I need to know what to do after I checked the plugs/wires and coil wire doesnt have spark either.

Check to see if the ignition system is getting power to it and check the fuses also. You would be wise in purchasing a service manual for the car also if you are going to work on the car. It will show you how to do things like that. A factory manual is best but others will be helpful also.

Suspect the ignitor which is mounted in the distributor. It also could be the pickup coil in the distributor.

Hope that helps.

I tested one of the wires going to the ign coil and was 12v when ign on so I am suspecting the distributer now I many just get a used one at a junk yard. I cant really spend $100 on a new one.

Since you have power to the ignition then I think Researcher may be correct. I would suspect the ignitor first and then the pick up as the source of trouble. You should also check the ECU for any trouble codes that may provide more clues to the trouble.

For a distributor ignition(as opposed to a electronic ignition which uses two coils a ICM and a CKP)I will skip to the meat of the chart,connect a test light from tacometer terminal to ground crank engine and observe light,does light flash? yes replace coil,no replace ignition control module,check ground for module also,there is a test for pickup coil using a 1.5 volt battery,you hook the + end of the battery to the “P” terminal on the ICM then ground the - side of the battery while watching a voltmeter connected to the tach pigtail and ground,if the voltage drops when momentairly grounding the battery and there is spark from the coil (tested with spark tester) and there are no problems with the distributor shaft or reluctor the problem is with the pick-up coil.

I should make a cut and paste of this test with things spelled out more clearly.

Post back if you have a Electronic ignition system(horizontial plug wire terminals on distributor cap)