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94 GM Suburban EGR valve removal

A couple of weeks ago I submitted a question about tools and techniques for this job and it was suggested some new tools might be in order (check) and that more than what was listed in the Chilton’s might need to be disconnected to get proper access (check). I can see that one of the fuel lines (right side facing front) will have to be disconnected from the throttle body and was wondering what kind of fuel mess if any, this might entail? I have had the fuel filter off in the past without any issue apart from a small amount of gas draining from the lines due to gravity and it is my understanding the system is only pressurized once the ignition is turned on. Seeing how this connection is pretty much at the high point in the fuel tank to throttle body/injector system I imagine any fuel escape should be minimal to nil? Also is it ok to spray carb/throttle body cleaner directly into the EGR passage if it looks dirty or should I put some on a Q-tip or pipe cleaner first? And yes I will remember to disconnect the battery.

It will take more than a Q-tip and pipe cleaner to ream out EGR passages…They tend to be full of hard carbon deposits…Unless passing an emissions test is the issue, it’s seldom worth the effort…