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Breather filter?

So a new question, but does anyone have a link to the crankcase egr and vacuum lines diagram? 1993 ford tempo 2.3 motor. I noticed today after i drained the oil and put that plug in while refilling with oil the line to the umm i think breather filter? is broken off. So the car has been idling a little rough and the oil has a slight gas smell. Pretty sure thats supposed to be hooked to something and when i put my finger over the line still attached to the filter w/e it has a slight vacuum to it. I just cant see where its supposed to run to, the rest of it is missing.

So to be clear on my valve cover there is a pcv valve on the passenger side left of the oil filler cap. This is on the right side and its a round black thing sits in the valve cover with a ribbed plastic hose coming out of it. Im thinking breather filter/ crankcase poss something with the egr?

Look under the hood, and see if the emission sticker has vacuum hose routing on it.

Something like this.


Oo ty yeah mine isnt there, the whole shield piece that covered that area is gone lol. Now to make heads and tails out of it. Its the breather filter but trying to trace back to where it hooks up on my car is going to be fun. I think its going into the air filter housing because i dont see any other open areas missing anything.