My Chevy's lost its umph


I’ve got a '95 G20 conversion van with a 4.3L V6 that has been excellent. Has 113K with very little repairs. Recently it has started to hesitate and lose power when I accelerate to any degree. It runs smooth at idle and will rev up in park. I’ve checked the trouble codes and there are none. I’ve replaced the plugs and checked the distributor. I’m afraid it’s an elusive sensor or the computer. Any ideas would be very helpful.


Sounds like a fuel pressure issue to me. Have you changed the fuel filter lately?


Before fuel injection, I would have said it sounds like an ignition issue. Throttle position sensor could be a possibility. Have you had any maintenance done on it? Filter changes?


How’s the oomph? :wink: Anyway, I’ve heard of people experiencing similar problems with Suburbans, solution: lay on the ground under the fuel tank, and give it a few hard pushes. My guess is that dislodges some gunk from the fuel filter…


Change the $8 fuel filter. The spark plug wires could be losing some sparks. Change the spark plug wires. Next: the distributor cap and rotor.


Yes, I forgot to mention that.


That’s kinda what I was thinking. Changed fuel filter 2 days ago. Will look @ the TPS. Thanks!


Well, I’ve done all of the above (even laying on the ground) with no results. Next I’m thinking on replacing the fuel sending unit. Any other thoughts?


You’re not going to get, and use, a fuel pressure gauge to measure pressure, with the automatic transmission in DRIVE, brake held, engine speed held at 1500 to 2,000 rpm (and maintained for three minuets), while you monitor the fuel pressure, are you?