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4th transmission?

I have a 1995 Ford Taurus that has already had 3 transmissions. We bought it off a used lot several years ago, and the transmission blew out 2 days later. We paid for a new one, and then it needed replacement twice while under warranty. It has worked OK for the past couple years, but now the mechanic says it either has a stripped torque converter (?) or it needs yet another transmission. Would it be worth fixing? The mechanic said $1000-$2200 depending on the problem.

You would be spending the equivalent of 4-6 new car payments, depending on the kind of car you would get. Do you want to drive this car for at least 6 more months, and are you sure everything else important is in good condition (frame, suspension, engine)? You could get a nice used 2007-8 Ford Fusion or Ford Five Hundred (the new Taurus) for under $15,000, and have much less maintenance worry and better safety equipment.

I count six transmissions, going on seven, on a car that is 15 years old. Do I think you should buy a seventh? Are you kidding? Spend the money on a downpayment or just a slightly less expensive used car.


The OP said they replaced the transmission once and then had it replaced twice under warranty. That’s three, going on four, not six going on seven.

No, it isn’t worth fixing. The car isn’t worth that much, and either the mechanic isn’t all that good at fixing this problem or your driving habits are simply FAR too aggressive for this model year, which was known for transmission problems (ONLY in the first half of the year), but ones which were fixable in an overhaul…

Has all the work been done by the same shop? Was it a chain transmission shop or shops? I wonder if at least part of the problem has not been the transmission, but rather the transmission shops.

I misread that it already had three replacements when it was purchased.

Yes, get rid of this car. It was great for initial quality but it hasn’t aged well. If you have decent credit your monthly expenditures can either go to repairing this old gas hog or in a new car payment. Try a Toyota.

The problem is not the car itself; it’s due to whoever was behind this transmission repair.
They were either overlooking something obvious or installing questionable used transmissions.