94 ford crown vic


am i blind but for some reason i can’t find the (diamond) shaped plug under the hood driver side fender that will allow me to hook up a code reader, I do have and see the the single wire one any help would be great… thanks


I had the same problem the first time I pulled the codes on my 87 Ranger.

Eventualy I found the silly thing dangling from the end of it’s wires near the heater blower motor.

I dont know where it’s located on yours, but I’d guess it’s the same & you will find it hanging down at the end of it’s wires.

If that pig tail wire you found IS for the scanner the connector should be right near it.

Good luck with it.


Are you sure it is not in the cabin near the driver’s right knee? Someone here will probably know, but if not, ask at www.crownvic.net. You should be familiar with this resource anyway if this is your car and you plan to keep it.



Here’s what the connector looks like. It’s usually under a black plastic cover that says TEST on it.



ON my Gran Marc (same car with different dental work)the EEC4 connector was on the left panel about half way down from the radiator. Somewhere around that time Ford was changing over to the OBD2 system so check your data plate for type. LEE