94 dodge intrepid


I have this 94 dodge intrepid. All of a sudden the car won’t start. It makes a noise like it wants to start, but won’t turn over.Someone told me I needed a coral, I bought that part it would work.


Please carefully and as completely as possible describe that sound (like it wanted to start) That could mean almost anything.

Could that "coral" be "coil"?  If so that may be the problem, but we would have far better information is we knew what that sounds was. 


Turning over - engine is going around and around it may be powered by the starter or by the engine itself.

Firing or kicking - the spark plug is setting off an explosion in the cylinder as it should.  It may or may not actually start and run.


Read ‘95 dodge intrepid will not start’. I added more info to it. It may help you if you haven’t already junked your car.


You need someone to look at the car and make some basic observations about the problem. Also, if they have a little mechanical understanding, that would help tremendously. As it is, now, we can’t help you.