Dodge car engine wont turn, has new engine

my brother in laws car wont start and engine wont even turn . he had someone replace the engine a few years ago and idk if it was a new engine or refurbished. whats wrong?

Not enough info to help. No idea what kind of car? Does the starter turn the car over? When you turn the key what happens? Was the motor running and suddenly stopped? An engine replaced a few years ago is not a new engine anymore.

Tell Us A Little More About “Wont Start” And “Engine Won’t Turn”, Please.

Has somebody tried physically turning the engine, but it’s locked up?
No sound when you turn the key?
It clicks or clanks when the key is turned, but the engine won’t (crank) turn over?
The battery is good and fully charged and lights are bright, etcetera?
The battery is not a million years old?

We need year, make, model, miles, auto trans, or any of these things you know.

Tell us what you mean. Give more description, including as many of the W’s and H as possible, what, when, where, why, who, how, and any sounds or other descriptions that might help us. Thanks, CSA

engine wont turn nothing happens. intrepid v6 '96 model

its an automatic and around 100,000 miles

The motor is seized up, shot.
The battery is dead.
The starting motor is bad.
The ignition switch is bad.
The neutral lock switch on the transmission is bad.
and so on.

If you can’t give us more info then have the car towed to a shop and they will tell you what is wrong.

Wusty, I’ll Have To Wait While You Gather More Information.

This could be anything from lost keys to dead battery to blown engine.