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94 Corolla brake pedal

I have an automatic 1994 Corolla that for the first half of when I depress the brake pedal, I hear a ratcheting noise coming from the pedal itself. This has been going on for about two months. Any thoughts?

As a random question, about three weeks ago, for 3 days only, the indicator noise for my turn signals went out. The interior and exterior lights still worked, just not the noise. Then it came back. Does this have anything to do with the battery? Or anything?

Have the brake pedal lever pivot bushing checked out. Sometimes these pivot point bushings dry out where the bushing begins to rotate in it’s mounting hole causing a ratcheting noise. Sometimes just a shot of silicone spray lubricant at the pivot point will stop this noise.

As far as no noise from the flasher unit? If the turn signals were working when this happened, it might be an early sign the the flasher unit is wearing out.


You might want to try lubricating the pivot point of the brake pedal and its point of contact with the master cylinder rod. It might be dry.

The turn signal noise comes from the turn signal flasher unit under the dash. It might be failing.

Edit: I swear Tester’s post wasn’t there when I started. :slight_smile: