94 Camry wagon, But now poor idle (lousy MPG) and trouble code problem


Connecting T1 and TE1 (as Haynes manual says) check engine light flashes continuously But over drive light flashes a 63 code. It shifts OK.


Talks about TE2 w/ car running, it seems, I am confused.

Manolito really helped out: Fuel regulator dash pot w/ vacuum line on fuel rail had vacuum line fell off to Y joint in intake manifold. The small box on fire wall w/ vacuum line and wires to harness: vacuum line fell off. MPG seems OK now, but when I romped on gas pedal to see how much black smoke exhaust (not as much) my idle is now 200 rpm and dies. I cam gonna clean PCV and EGR filter. And check for gummed up vacuum lines.

Am I going the right way, or dose this make any sense?