Help me 94 camry dies out


i have a 94 camry, 4 cyl. automatic trans. the problem is that it will run for 15 to 20 minutes and then it dies out, i checked for spark and there was no spark, so I replaced the igniter,ECM, distribuitor,relays and fuses, but the problem still there. it keeps dying and i don’t know what else to check, please help i really need to get it fixed.

thaks alot.


it always amazes me that many people just go out an randomly buy parts and replace them under the assumption that they can fix it quickly and cheaply when a trip to a good independent mechanic could diagnose it and fix it probably in less time and probably for the same or less cost then a random shot in the dark.


The problem may be due a faulty connection near the the ignition switch area or power relay possibly. If you don’t have a test light probe to check for power I suggest you get one and look to see where power is and isn’t getting to when the trouble occurs.


check for fuel injector pulse no pulse no spark have crank sensor replaced