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1994 Toyota Camry Fuel Issue

Hello All! I hope you can help. I’m looking to purchase a 1994 Toyota Camry Wagon 4 cyl. second hand. The owner says it needs some sort of Fuel sensor. I can Guess that she doesn’t know much about the car but i do know that she has had many things changed fuel filter etc. and said she has been using fuel injector cleaner. She said it starts fine but its like the car is running cold until the fuel gets around the motor then their is no stopping it…and she doesnt think its getting enough fuel.

Im decently mechanically inclined and have worked on my own vehicles before but im totally confused . She said shes brought it to several mechanics and they have no idea. until recently someone suggested a fuel sensor of some sort.

Normally id use an OBDII scanner but it is too old.

Any suggestions would be much appretiated .Thank you!

She said shes brought it to several mechanics and they have no idea.

This thing had better be really cheap because you could possibly spend as much as buying a vehicle without problems anyway. She is not making logical statements and claims mechanics don’t know where to start, I say " Pass ".


Agree with @VOLVO_V70, pass on this car. If several mechanics could not fix it and the owner can’t give you a clear idea of the problem there is no reason to expect you or your mechanics will do any better. Unless the car is almost free walk away.


there is a reason why she is selling it rather than just replacing the “fuel sensor of some sort.” She is tired of pouring money into it and it not being fixed.

I’d pass, unless it is super cheap and you are willing to pour some of your own money into it.

thanks for the imput everyone! :slight_smile:

I own a 4 banger Corolla of similar vintage. I have no idea what “fuel sensor” the owner is referring to. If it is something that affects engine performance or drivability I’d guess she might be talking about the fuel pressure regulator. So the owner is saying the car runs fine except when the engine is cold? That could be a problematic fuel pressure regulator I suppose. My guess however is the engine is in need of a full workup. Fuel pressure test, change out all the usual wearing ignition components spark plugs, wires, dist cap, valve clearances, compression test, engine air filter, check the cat with an intake manifold vacuum test, check for vacuum leaks, etc.

Walk away.
There are other used cars out there without problems that the current owners have been unable to get fixed.

The OP last posted April 26,2017 so I would assume they have made a decision by now.

Da*******… did it again. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: