Runs fine, then stalls, then runs again

Hi there,

I have a 95 Toyota Camry Station Wagon. Past few days, I start it, it runs fine all the way to work. I leave work and get to first place I have to stop at a light and it stalls. I wait a minute, it restarts. Get on highway. Get to next stop light, stalls again. Get home. Next morning, runs fine to work. Then repeats. Took it to mechanic and he replaced fuel filter and put in some sort of fuel cleaner. Picked it up, drove a bit, got to a light and it stalled again! Realized I only had a little more than 1/4 tank of gas so I filled it up this morning and took it back to mechanic. Question; do you think maybe it just needed a full tank of gas for the fuel cleaner stuff or does it sound like (gasp) the fuel pump is bad? Help!

Why do you think it’s the fuel pump? I think the fuel pump is fine if it will accelerate to highway speed and maintain. Has your check engine light been on?

Hi Mr. Josh and thanks! Well, mechanic chastised me for running it low on gas and said that burns out the fuel pump. However, he also said some part on my air filter was broken and he ordered a part for it. I’m hoping it isn’t the fuel pump as I know that is expensive. It is back at the shop right now. Check engine light has not been on at all.

Did he order an Idle Air Controller? It sounds to me like whenever the car is cold and running rich it’ll idle okay but when it’s at running temp it runs okay but won’t idle.

I agree that the pump is a low probablility as a cause. I agree with your mechanic that running low on gas can jeopardize the pump, but that’s for people that don’t fill up until 50 miles after the “low gas level” warning light comes on. 1/4 tank is plenty, and it sounds like you keep it over that level.

I have a 94 GMC Jimmy that is kind doing the same thing. I have replaced the fuel pump already and then about a month after that something broke (pipe) in manifold which made me lose half a tank of gas in less than 5 min. Found out that when that pipe was replaced there was 2 quarts of gas in my oil. Now my truck runs perfect for 10 min tops and then stalls out, I can immediately start it back up and run it for 10 min and then the cycle continues.