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Crown Vic Fuel Pump Relay?

Anybody know where the fuel pump relay is located on a 2007 Crown Vic? I think a 2005 to 2010 are all pretty much the same…

The fuel pump relay is in the Power Distribution Box under the hood.

If those relays are not marked for location on the underside of the “Power Distribution Box” cover, your owners manual will show the location.


Thanks gentlemen…Car suddenly died, refused to start. Will start momentarily with a shot of starting fluid…So I’m checking the easy things first…First on the list is jumping the relay and see if the fuel pump runs…

Back in business…Wife was tossing some cord-wood into the trunk and tripped the “Fuel Pump Safety Cutoff Switch” I reset the switch and everything is back to normal…

That’s my kind of girl.

"Go split some firewood honey…then my tires on the truck need to be rotated. No rush…I’ll be in the house watching the ball game!!!



Check the fuel cut-off switch. Oh never mind. Now please explain how you get her to load fire wood?


Over the years I figured out that @Caddyman is no fool, so I doubt he’s going to tell you that secret.

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