'94 Bronco (351W) No Spark!

So three weeks ago, yes 3 weeks, my loathed Bronco decided not to start. It has been sitting at my office parking lot since then. Every day at lunch and after work I spend some quality time with it, attempting to coax it back to life. Here is what I’ve done so far…Installed a new ignition coil (gets 12+ volts with key in ‘run,’ and ±10.5 v. when cranking), a new distributor, (with PIP) cap & rotor, new remote mounted ignition control module. All voltages and resistances throughout the ignition system are good according to the Hayes repair manual but there is no spark being sent to the distributor. I’ve also done an ECC self test and got no response at all. Does this mean the ECC/PCM is bad? My butt is in so much pain with me having to ride a bicycle everywhere. (Riding in the rain while carrying an umbrella is no fun!)
Please tell me there is a ford expert here…
If I don’t figure this out soon I suppose I’ll give the Vehicle Donation Program a call.

Is battery voltage reaching the TFI module on the distributor? I believe that the Red wire is the Ignition on circuit. If there is no voltage to the TFI check the EEC relay.

Voltage is getting to module. All relays, fuses, and the diode are good…I forgot to mention that.

Are you certain that the distributor shaft is turning?

And are you certain that there is no spark? Maybe the engine jumped time.

How are you determining there is no spark? By removal of a coil wire and watching for a spark to ground as the engine is cranked, removal of a plug wire and watching for a spark at the plug tip, etc?

The distributor rotor is turning.
No spark determined by grounding a plug to chassis and observing while cranking. I’ve also done this with other plugs and wires I have thinking that the wire from the coil to the distributor died.

Have you checked to see if you have spark from the coil wire to ground? Disconnect the coil high tension wire from the distributor and hold it near a metal ground - and see if you have spark coming out of the coil.

Check the ground connection between one of the heads to the firewall.


Well… another week of testing and replacing; another week of no improvement, so I sold the truck for $2K. Not bad for a non-running truck. Hopefully the new owner knows where the magic switch is located.