1986 Lincoln Town Car - NO SPARK AT COIL

No spark at the coil on a 1986 Lincoln Town Car, Have just replaced coil, and also the module at the distributor having gotten no spark from replacement coil… STILL NO SPARK… any ideas?

Have you checked to make sure that battery voltage is being supplied to the hot terminal of the ignition coil with the key in both the RUN and START positions?

This may be the red wire with a green tracer although I’m not 100% sure on the color code as I’m going from memory here.

Along with OK’s suggestion, also make sure that there’s a connection from that ignition module to the coil.

have checked all the above… there is voltage at the coil, but no spark… not sure of what to look for… if this where a radio or a computer I would have it running already, but cars,I have no clue on what to expect on what pin… has anybody got a list of pinouts and what to expect on them when? as an amateur radio operator I have access to all kinds of electronic test equip, and can see what is there…

Here’s the diangostic info for the Ford TFI-IV ignition systems. In spite of the length, it’s really not complicated at all and you can do testing with a simple test light and/or VOM.


It could be that the pickup in the distributor has gone south.

There is another possibility but the odds of the problem being related to it are so slim that I hesitate to even mention it. I ran into a TFI no-spark condition that was caused by an internal short inside the dashboard tachometer.
However, I wouldn’t get too hung up on this possibility.

The pick up coil is as prone to sudden failure as the module. For the DIYer replacing the entire distributor is the best option for a no start no spark situation as replacing the pick up requires pressing the drive gear off the distributor shaft and then replacing it correctly.

As always, the first question to answer whenever having ignition problems is if there is power getting to the system.

This has worked for me…Have someone hold the coil high voltage wire about 1/4" from any metal surface and turn the key on and off. You should get a single spark if the module is good. No spark? Replace the module. If you get a spark, replace the pick-up in the distributor…