'85 Bronco II Problem'85 Bronco II Problem

Thought I’d try this here, got no results posting in repair/maintenance. Here’s what happened:

Going down the highway, slowed for light, started to accelerate, engine surged or raced briefly then quit. Coasted to a park and could not start car. Towed it home. It turns over easily but won’t fire. Checked the gas pump, that’s not the problem. Any suggestions? I’m not a very good mechanic by the way.

Have the ignition checked. Don’t know much about the Bronco, but that would be the simplest place to start.

You need to determine if the problem is related to a no-spark or no fuel condition first.
Squirt some carb cleaner into the intake and see if it will start and run for a few seconds.

If nothing happens (likely no-spark) then you should consider the possibility of a failed ignition module.
This vehicle is a TFI-IV model and the modules are prone to failure.

It’s the little gray module on the side of the distributor. If it appears to be a no-spark condition you may be one of the lucky ones in which the module has failed permanently. Others can be a hit and miss affair in which testing may not be precise.

Take it to AutoZone, etc. and they will test it for you free.

Thanks! I’ll check it out. I know the carb is getting gas so it is not a fuel condition. Thanks again.

If there is no spark then you should check and make sure that power is provided to the ignition coil when the key is in both the RUN and the START positions. A test light will work fine for this. Probe the red/green wire at the coil.

If power is not provided to the coil in both positions then you may have a faulty ignition switch.
If power is provided in both positions with no spark present then there is a strong possibility of a failed module.

You will need a tool to remove this module. A 4 MM nut driver or deep socket or a 7/32 nut driver or deep socket will work. Try to do this without moving the distributor.
If the module tests bad you MUST use the special electrolytic grease that is packaged with the new module. This grease is applied on the module metal base and provides heat transfer capabilities. Failure to use the grease will cook the new module in short order.

(To remove the module if necessary, remove the 2 hidden bolts with the tool mentioned, disconnect the wire plug, and unplug the module by pushing it downwards.)