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Rattling noise in the rear

I’ve been working overtime the last 3 weeks so I have not had time to take my car to the mechanic. However, I was wondering what you think could be causing the following noise. I drive a 1996 honda accord EX 2.2L 4 cyclinder with 178,000 miles.

(1) 2 weeks ago I noticed the car pulling to the left.

(2) two days ago, I’ve noticed a rattling sound coming from the rear. It sounds like it’s coming from under the car. My initial instinct was maybe a loose muffler. However, I looked under and the muffler doesn’t look loose. (Maybe noise coming from inside the muffler?) I hear this rattling sound when I press on the gas at low speeds, especially when I’m driving around the neighborhood. At higher speeds such as on highways, I don’t hear the sound since my window is up and I haven’t been on the highway much.

The next day I get off, I plan to get my alignment checked. Do you think the rear rattling noise is related to that? For some reason I’m thinking muffler. thanks for the help.

Muffler doesnt "look lose? You need to grab ahold of it n feel for "lose. Possibly from inside muffler but check all the hangers for exhaust system. Where is your spare tire mounted?

thanks peacefrog. I’m not near my car right now but when I get a chance I will grab ahold of the muffler to feel for loose. I don’t know much about cars so not sure what you mean by hangers for exhaust system? My spare tire is inside the trunk in a compartment under the truck lining.