Heavy Rain New Noise

So I was driving yesterday in some heavy rain. I went fairly slow when it was heavier because I was afraid of hydroplaning and I was not in a hurry. I got passed by everyone so you know I wasn’t going that fast, maybe 40-55 in a 70 depending on how heavy the rains are. The whole area is a virtual flood warning.

So I’m driving and yesterday was fine. I get in my car the first time today and as I get above 40 MPH or so I notice a humming noise. I thought it was tires so I went to my tire shop and they said it looked good (and he didn’t charge me for a quick peak). He thought it was a bearing. Doing some Googling it seems one symptom is that the bearing shouldn’t be as noisy if I jerk the wheel right or left. Well that didn’t help.

I’m still waiting for it to dry out but my 01 Accord runs real good outside of the transmission which I am planning on getting fixed. I’m not sure if it dries out if it will go away. I don’t see any obvious leaks or rattles. I don’t feel the vibration in the steering wheel, it only gets slightly louder and maybe a bit more high pitched with speed. No extra engine light or any ABS/tractjon. I didn’t pull any OBD2 codes yet since the light isn’t on.


Edit: it isn’t the brakes squealing or grinding (have heard that and that is a distinctive noise). I did some research and some people have had their fenders rubbing or a heat shield which might be it.

I didn’t have tires rotated and I don’t claim to be a car expert but I try to have some level of smarts to be informed.

Jerking to the right or left isn’t a good way to check for bearing noise. If noise gets louder while swerving is an indication of bad wheel bearing. You could also lift wheels holding with jack stands and put one hand on top of tire and the other hand on bottom. Try and shake the wheel. If there’s any slop whatsoever, it’s probably a bearing. Sometimes there’s no slop on a bad bearing.

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Thanks. It ended up being a rear driver side bearing.

Great, it’s always good to hear the end of the story.

I finally remembered to close the loop. Sorry about that.

The rear wheel hub would explain why going right or left didn’t trigger it as bad to some degree.