'93 Plymouth Voyager


My '93 Voyager is experiencing tranny problems. It won’t go in Drive or 2, but will stay in 1st gear when in the 1 position. Neutral, Reverse and Park, all do what they’re supposed to do. This was a re-built, approximately 1 year old.

Separately or maybe not. I also started having stalling problems with the car. After it’s warm, it stalls when idling at a light or in stop and go traffic. I changed the fuel filter, but didn’t help. In order to re-start it, I have to pull the key out completely from the ignition. Otherwise, the engine attempts to start, but won’t turn over. I can’t put it back in park and try to start it.


Locked in first means the tranny is in ‘limp mode’ which means you need a tech to check it.

The fault may be a bad VSS (vehicle speed sensor) or perhaps there is a fault in the tranny itself.

FWIW, I had a '94 and the tranny fell into ‘limp mode’, fortunately I was close to the tranny shop in town.

They pulled the pan and found two burnt and cracked gears. (2nd and 3rd)


Stalling at idle sometimes means a dirty throttle body and or a dirty IAC (Idle Air Control) valve.

I’m not sure what to tell you about the key thing. Perhaps a bad key cylinder. Bad neutral switch?


Thanks. I’ll check on the VSS and see what the story is with the gears. I hadn’t heard of 1st gear only being referred to as “Limp” mode, but it makes sense.


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